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Beacon by Callaghan Grant

This is an enjoyable continuation of Erinn's story. It is an easier read since the first book has a lot of background information, the two books tie nicely together. She is continually surrounded by several lusty Vampyres and by this time she has become one herself, as Michael had intended. While she is still the… Continue reading Beacon by Callaghan Grant

Paranormal, Review, Romance

Born Sinner by S.L. Jennings

This book started out with a bang, that fizzled just a bit, and then picked up again about half-way through. It's definitely not hard-core romance, but has the feel of a romance novel. Only there is so much more going on. It begins with Eden, a broken, creepy girl who can tell people what to… Continue reading Born Sinner by S.L. Jennings

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Protocol One by Jacqueline Druga

I was initially drawn to this book by the humorous dialogue between the main characters, Anna and Tony. Sadly, the book quickly lost that humor and became less entertaining. Even though the story is driven by a comet about to hit Earth and destroy life as everyone knows it, I still think a little humor… Continue reading Protocol One by Jacqueline Druga

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Arisen: Nemesis by Michael Stephen Fuchs

Staff Sgt. Kate Dunajski is military through and through. Eighteen months ago she was in the reserves, hoping to pay for school. Then she was called upon to serve in Afghanistan and finds, after three deployments, that her niche is helping the people of that country. Instead, the military decides she belongs in Somalia, Africa.… Continue reading Arisen: Nemesis by Michael Stephen Fuchs