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Infected by Scott Sigler

Originally, this was a slow read and took me several days to finish. It's not bad writing, just wordy with a high page count. I would get bored and wander away - for the whole day. But that's only for the first half. It gets better. The writing is somewhat centered on Margaret and Amos,… Continue reading Infected by Scott Sigler

Erotica, Review, Romance

Red Waves by Shannon O’Connor

I like books that have a lot of action, several characters to enrich the story, and some meaning that draws those people together, or perhaps, even apart. In this book, we just have Audrey and Chad. They met twelve years ago and she has always dreamed of a relationship with him. Chad, also, remembers how… Continue reading Red Waves by Shannon O’Connor

Review, Romance

Building Forever by Cary Hart

It is incredibly rare for me to read novellas, but I decided to give this one a try. It's a formula romance, nice and short, I was glad that it wasn't any longer. Due to the exceptionally high number of books that follow this outline, I'm guessing that a lot of readers will enjoy this… Continue reading Building Forever by Cary Hart