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From the Mist by Alexa Dare


The Hidden Cove Trilogy is the story of three women vacationing together. Due to fog, they pull off to the side of the road. Their first mistake is getting out of the car and deciding to take even a few steps begins a life changing adventure. This is the first book and is about Megan.

She finds herself so close to the ocean that she can hear the surf. When she calls to her friends to follow her, since she sees a light in the darkness, there is no answer, so she turns to look for the car. Suddenly, she realizes that both the car and her friends have disappeared. Megan stumbles along the shore, noticing that she is no longer wearing her boots, but is barefoot and her pants are now replaced with a wet, black slip that slaps against her legs. Hearing a dog howling, she is terrified to discover that it is tracking someone and it just might be her. Hoping to escape what sounds like a truly enormous dog, she runs right into the solid mass of a large man. One Everett Quin takes one look at her skimpy clothing and proceeds to kiss her passionately. Thus starts the steamy, lusty tale of Megan and Everett.

Everett happens to have an enemy, Captain Donovan, and they hate each other with a fiery vengeance. Although Donovan is actually hunting his runaway wife, one glance at Megan and he is suddenly ready to drop her in favor of this other beauty. He is always armed with a sword that he loves to wave about at Everett, so it’s no surprise that they clash swords every time they meet. Fortunately, they are all distracted by Donovan’s ship going down in a blazing fire. Soon, the chase is on and Donovan captures them in a lighthouse. He kidnaps Megan and leaves Everett to die without food or water.

This book is a difficult one to review. There is not a lot of meat to it. There is the instant lust, the graphic sex, and the hope of falling in love. Yes, there is a great deal of dialogue between Donovan and Everett, but Donovan’s unchanging state of hatred gets old fast. I’m not a fan of graphic sex; sometimes it takes away from the story and allows authors to get a little lazy in their writing. I understand that publishers, and readers, expect several of these scenes, but what was once alluded to has now become graphic and commonplace. Although, I think the storyline has merit, it’s rather repetitive and the so-called commitment between Megan and Everett seems to be based on lust. The author went so far afield, that there was even a sex scene in front of the ship’s crew. Wow. When she mentions they are being watched, he calmly replies that the other men are just jealous. Well, that’s a clever excuse.

Now for the rating:

  • Genre and general reading age – romance for adults. Possibly, older teens because they are going to read whatever they want anyway.
  • Level of sexuality – Well, I think that’s been rather well established.
  • Is there graphic language? Yes, although it could have been much worse.
  • Did I cry? Only over the fact that I thought the book couldn’t end fast enough. Sex, sex, sex, and more sex.
  • Did I laugh? No.
  • Level of character development – None.
  • Is this part of a series? Yes, this is one woman’s tale of the Hidden Cove Trilogy.

I believe the author put forth a lot of effort, but it fell flat for me, so I give it ⭐️⭐️ stars.

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