Contemporary, Review, Romance

Confess by Colleen Hoover

This book evoked every emotion, from heartbreak to anger to joy. I was hooked from the very beginning by the characters and the author's incredible writing style. It is more than a romance; it's a story of fate and sacrifice. The story starts with a stab to the heart, but it is the underlying theme… Continue reading Confess by Colleen Hoover


The Long Harbor Testament by Tom Minder

This is an engrossing story of a strongly knit community with priests, married couples, adulterers, unmarried couples, gangsters, police officers, murderers, and witnesses, just to name a few. Bad things wouldn't have happened if Silvio had actually been a plumber instead of a bookie-in-disguise. It is from Silvio that the line of negative action descends,… Continue reading The Long Harbor Testament by Tom Minder

Contemporary, Humor, Review, Romance

Perfect Tenn by Heather Dahlgren

This romantic comedy is a difficult one to review. There are so many strengths, but there are some weaknesses that detract from the overall story. I enjoyed it immensely and read it very quickly. It is a book that I definitely suggest for romance readers. Regan is a gorgeous redhead who lives with her equally gorgeous best… Continue reading Perfect Tenn by Heather Dahlgren

Action, Mystery, Review

Fatal Destiny by David Delee

Grace deHaviland is a bounty hunger and a very good one. Although, there seems to be a certain amount of chaos that happend to follow in her wake, which says something. This day, she is hot on the trail of Barry Keegan, an accountant for a pharmaceutical company. The CEO, CFO, and Keegan have been accused… Continue reading Fatal Destiny by David Delee

Fantasy, Review

The World of Erganna by W.T. Keeton

Daniel Wilton has a nice and normal life, until one day, driving on a lonely back road, he and his family's lives come to an abrupt end on Earth. Daniel survives, but is surrounded by car and body parts when he awakens; he is the only survivor. He has fallen on an ice-bound planet, imprisoned… Continue reading The World of Erganna by W.T. Keeton

Erotica, Review, Romance

Crashed: Casper’s Ghost by Kerri Ann

This hard-core romance is a fast and addictive read. For the most part, I couldn't wait to find out what happens; it kept me on my toes. It has all the typical parts of a romance: a damaged alpha male, an independent heroine with a secret back story, some seriously hot sex scenes, and a… Continue reading Crashed: Casper’s Ghost by Kerri Ann