The Long Harbor Testament by Tom Minder


This is an engrossing story of a strongly knit community with priests, married couples, adulterers, unmarried couples, gangsters, police officers, murderers, and witnesses, just to name a few. Bad things wouldn’t have happened if Silvio had actually been a plumber instead of a bookie-in-disguise. It is from Silvio that the line of negative action descends, pulling in a person here and a person there. If only Long Harbor had not been a haven for sinners to indulge in the vice of gambling and losing, losing, losing.

Luckily, Long Harbor has its favorite diner where everybody loves to dine, especially on bean soup night, and from where Detective Mark Porfino keeps a keen eye on anyone who becomes of interest in the town’s current murder, which is Silvio, of course. In spite of Detective Porfino interrupting people’s lives while he investigates, they all manage to go about their business of observing each other and having their own thoughts and, of course, secrets.

Father Ray is keeping an eye on Father Jim. He has a pretty good idea what Father Jim’s secret is. Silvio has a pretty good idea what wife, Jessie, is up to, just not who with. Jessie knows what Silvio is up to and she knows who with. Detective Porfino has an unwelcome mole in his department and interestingly, Mister Richardson’s dog, Reggie, has a secret of his own. Many of the characters are regular day people who really don’t want to feel suspicious of anyone. However, people do like to gossip and sometimes the most innocent conversation just seems to draw a person into giving more information than maybe he should.

In spite of this being a story of the consequences of murder, it contains so much more and is written with such character and charm, I was constantly intrigued with the people and what they would do next. There are a lot of characters and a lot of happening, but at no time was I confused or lost in the story. This book is well worth your time.

Now, for the grading:

  • Genre and general reading age – Contemporary for adults.
  • Level of sexuality – Low.
  • Is there graphic language? No.
  • Did I cry? No.
  • Did I laugh? Often.
  • Is this part of a series? No, this is a standalone.
  • Level of character development – The author was quite good at dragging the best out of his characters.

I am happy to give this book a stellar ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars.

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