South of Main Street by Robert Gately

Henry Wolff is a middle-aged man who sees the world as a child, or maybe it is just that adults see him as one.  Actually, he’s an example of what can happen when a young man goes to war and comes home mentally injured as a result. Henry’s wife, Mary, has just passed away and,… Continue reading South of Main Street by Robert Gately


The Rain Never Came by Lachlan Walter

This is an interesting story. At first I had difficulty with the slow pace, but soon it seemed natural to the time, place, and the depth of despair and pain the people endure and exude. Even their surroundings - dust, dead vegetation, no living animals except for the occasional bird - drag them down. Bill… Continue reading The Rain Never Came by Lachlan Walter

Science Fiction

Fortune’s Rising by Sara King

This book is about those who have and those who don’t. The native population of this planet are enslaved. The conquerors are basically a military society. Those that live in slave camps are forced to work in caverns collecting eggs from strange blobs called Shriekers. The eggs, once processed, have the ability to give a… Continue reading Fortune’s Rising by Sara King

Humor, Suspense

Workman’s Complication by Rich Leder

This is a super entertaining book! It is the story of Kate McCall, who basically will only admit to being a way off-Broadway actress, never mind the dog walking or being an apartment manager for a bunch of quirky people. At this moment, she is Farina LeBleu, star of Blood Song and Dance and vampire… Continue reading Workman’s Complication by Rich Leder