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Stolen Liberty: Behind the Curtain by Thomas A. Watson, William Allen & M.C. Allen


This is the story of several ‘brothers in arms’. We get to see their last battle as soldiers and their ongoing battles as warriors. What does one do as a citizen of the U.S. when they are betrayed by every level of government, including the President? Band together and protect your own.

There are several characters that move in and out of the story, but our main ones are Randy, Cody, Robbie and Charlie. These men have all found their place in society after their lives in the military are over. They also have a pact to protect Kristi and her children after her husband is KIA. They crowd her a little bit, but after 12 years she’s pretty used to it. Her children have become their children, she is their sister and they are her brothers. When the government fails its people in the most grotesque manner, they gather the pieces of family they have, every weapon, and head for higher ground. There is no easy way, as every level of law enforcement begin to hunt its citizens.

I am giving you a short review because there is so much story and action here. I love a story where the good guy banishes the bad guy, but here the bad guy is the unbelievable. There’s food for thought as the reality of our own world is filled with governments that try to do good and those that can’t be bothered. Beware ‘bad guys’ – just as in this story, there are some really good people out there.

The Rating:

  • Genre and reading age – Dystopian for any age that enjoys the suspense and repair of a destroyed society.
  • Level of sexuality – Although the men enjoy ribbing each other, no one actually has time for such frivolity.
  • Is there graphic language? Yeah, there’s some of that, but not enough to bother most of us.
  • Did I cry? Well, darn it, definitely some damp eyes.
  • Did I laugh? Definitely.
  • Is this part of a series? This is the first book.
  • Level of character development – They are very developed, although a little one-sided. They may kill people, but other than the occasional ‘cold eye’ they are the nicest people you would ever want as friends. I do find that a little lacking in reality.

I think the authors have written excellent entertainment here. I read the book in two days, which means it’s a hard one to put down. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars

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