Rock Bottom Girl: A Small Town Romantic Comedy by Lucy Score


Marley Cicero is a woman who has accepted the life-time award as a loser. She’s lost jobs, every job, boyfriends, every one of them and money, every cent. So without too much explanation, she has moved home to her parents. Culpepper is a small town, where gossip is the main entertainment and always has been. Marley’s life attitude was formed in Culpepper’s high school. Unfortunately, she was bullied but also-known as a prankster who would take only so much poo off of others. While spending her life in shadow, she’s completely unaware that in Culpepper she is known as a high school hero.

Marley’s mother has no problem helping her daughter busy herself, and immediately Marley finds herself employed as a high school P.E. teacher and coach to the girls soccer team. She knows nothing about either and doesn’t want to fail once again, although it seems failure is lurking on the horizon. Luckily, Jake Weston steps up and decides she can learn how to beat teens at their own games. ‘Hunky Jake Weston’ is how Marley mentally and emotionally thinks of Jake. She crushed on him in high school and after he dropped her just before Homecoming she prefers not to be think of him at all. Sweet fun ensues. Jake has no problem chasing Marley, with a silly agenda and obvious intensity, and Marley has to acknowledge she’s never had this much fun in her whole life.

This is a smoothly written romance. So much activity goes on that I could not possibly get bored and I read it, obsessively, in two days. There is none of the short-cuts so often found in romance where sex is the main activity, as if no character actually has a life. Characters are here to be loved, hated or endured and there are plenty of them. Anyone who enjoys romance reading that doesn’t embarrass them from page one, will enjoy Ms. Score’s well written style and be looking for more.

The rating:

  • Genre & reading age: Romance. Being ‘old’school’ I put the reading age starting at 16.
  • Level of sexuality: There is definitely graphic sex, but along with a somewhat gentle build-up throughout the story of enticing desire, a longing expectation and hope.
  • Graphic language: Yes, we do find graphic language, fortunately, the author gives the lovers more interesting involvement than shouting graphic obscenities during sex. The language is found coming out of several characters but generally not in constant usage.
  • Did I cry: I did not.
  • Did I laugh: Absolutely and lots of smiles.
  • Level of character development: Absolutely great characters!
  • Part of a series: No, but the author has plenty of other interesting titles.

Now I will tell you why I have given this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5. Sex. I have read romance that didn’t give all the private facts to a character’s life and still found it highly entertaining. My fear is the author may fall to the sex trap in some other novel. Wonderful, if I am wrong! This is the first romance I’ve given so high a rating and the writer has totally earned it and she deserves lots of readers!

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