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Kodiak Dating Agency: Paranormal Romance Box Set – Dorian’s Reward, Anders’ Allure, Brock’s Pleasure, Michael’s Secrets by Haley Weir


Okay, I will admit it – I am embarrassed to admit I even picked this up. Since I did, I might as well tell you what I found. There are four books, listed above, that make up the box set. I won’t delve into the individual books and characters. The books make up one continuous story, which is actually very interesting. However, these books are written in the manner of a young author just dipping her toes into the raging river that produces good authors. The writing is rather stilted, each story is rushed as if the author can’t wait to get to the end, and I have to say it’s as if two different people were writing each book. There is a certain style for the active characters and a different one for love scenes. Also, each book develops less and less story line. The proofreading is lacking, many sentences appear with errors in the middle where the author decided to clarify, and then forgot to use the delete key when needed. At one point one main character is called Blake when his name is actually Brock. These books are just not fun or interesting to read.

I haven’t bothered to list the ratings since I give these books ⭐.

Available here on Amazon

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