We are a team: Laverne & Shirley

We love all things books. The way they feel. The way they smell. There’s nothing like cozying up with a great book and pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist, at least for a while. There’s nothing like holding the printed words in your hands, but our kindles get a lot of business. Together, we read and collaborate. We have a lot of different views, which lead to awesome conversations and really thorough reviews. If only you could be a fly on our wall; there’s a lot of magic that happens when we discuss books.

Hi. I’m Laverne. I’m a mother who hates to cook and clean. I’d much rather be reading a book. I like long walks on the beach, traveling the world through my imagination, and don’t believe in selfies. I’m also very sarcastic and I’m the skeptical one on our team. But you can be guaranteed that I’ll say it like it is. In life and in my reviews. I love all things horror and am rather fond of romance. But I hate the mushy stuff, because I have a sensitive gag reflex and I get headaches from rolling my eyes. I’m also an author, so I know how vital reviews are to a writer’s success. A lot can be learned through both the good and the bad.

Hi. I’m Shirley. I am also a mother. When I’m not reading I’m crafting, because I love to make things with my hands. Just like Laverne, I hate to cook and clean. I don’t have a beach to walk on (neither does she, except in her imagination), but I wouldn’t even if I did. I’m the good cop in this relationship, but I’m also fair. I am always on the look out for new sci-if and fantasy books. I love series, but hate mini-books. A series is only a series if each book is a full-sized book. It’s not a series if it’s fifty books that are less than a hundred pages each. Those are called chapters.

Together we make a great team for honesty and finesse. Keep in mind, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We certainly clash from time to time, but this is our blog and our opinions rule.