Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Stigers Tigers by Marc Alan Edelhelt

This is a fascinating beginning to a fantasy series. Ben Stiger is from a noble, wealthy and unfortunately infamous family. Although being in the military has brought out profound leadership abilities, he struggles with the repercussions caused by his father's reputation. Originally, in an elite legion, he is less than pleased to find he is… Continue reading Stigers Tigers by Marc Alan Edelhelt

Fantasy, Suspense

The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

This is the story of Owen Kiskaddon, the youngest child of the Duke of Kiskaddon. During the last battle the Duke had participated in with his king, he had committed treason by not coming to his King’s assistance as ordered. Because of this his oldest son is executed and his youngest son is sent to… Continue reading The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

Fantasy, Young Adult

Fire and Ice by Jessica Victoria Fisette

This is the story of Allie, a silver-eyed high school senior, who is in love with Phoenix. Silver-eyed Phoenix is just as in love with her, and has asked her to marry him. Having no concerns about the future, she accepts his proposal. Not only are they crazy in love, they are both able to… Continue reading Fire and Ice by Jessica Victoria Fisette

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk

Rustkiller by Dean F. Wilson

Well, this is different. The Coilhunter, also known as Nox, is a bounty hunter, who lives and hunts in the Wild North. There is the wastelands, an empty stretch of land, or Rust Valley, where the sun is blotted out by towering scrapyard walls built of wrecked vehicles. Inside these walls live the clockwork constructs… Continue reading Rustkiller by Dean F. Wilson

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The Holtur Curse by Cameron Wayne Smith

What a fantastic story. The action never stops and there isn’t a dull moment. The good guy - or good woman in this case - is completely likeable without the author portraying her as perfect. As for the villains, I couldn’t help but think, “Will this guy ever die?!”, making for an engrossing read. Sonja… Continue reading The Holtur Curse by Cameron Wayne Smith

Fantasy, Mystery, Review

Jackaby by William Ritter

It is winter 1892. Abigail Rook has just landed at New Fiddleham in New England. Although a proper young English woman, she has absconded with her school tuition money to go adventuring and heads straight to America. There, she's penniless, wearing a scrubby dress, and looking for employment. Fortunately, she stops at an inn where… Continue reading Jackaby by William Ritter

Fantasy, Review, Young Adult

The Collar & Cavvarach by Annie Douglass Lima – Krillonian Chronicles Book 1

The collar around Bensin's neck announces to all that he is a lowly slave, downtrodden, abused by owners, and sold as those owners see fit. There is no going out in public without a Pass from the owner. Clothing, used or very used, is at the discretion of the owner. Meals are also dictated by… Continue reading The Collar & Cavvarach by Annie Douglass Lima – Krillonian Chronicles Book 1

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Review

The Brothers Three by Layton Green

New Orleans, Louisiana Will works evenings at Medieval Nights, a joust-themed dinner theater. A few nights a week, to help his finances, he engages in staged battles with a group of fellow under-achieving twenty-somethings. To Will's disappointment, he knows this is as close to Middle Earth as he will ever get. His brother, Caleb, is a… Continue reading The Brothers Three by Layton Green

Fantasy, Review

Blood Dragons by Rosemary A. Johns

I'm not a fan of vampire novels. Twilight created an influx of vampire stories and, while each is special in its own way, I've grown tired of blood-suckers. This book is completely different. It stands next to Anne Rice, all-time writer of vampire fiction, and holds its own. The story is written as a letter to the woman… Continue reading Blood Dragons by Rosemary A. Johns

Fantasy, Review, Romance

Dark Wine at Midnight by Jenna Barwin

The beings referred to as the Lux are not actually human and very few know they even exist. Their goal is to protect the human population from war and extinction by an equally hidden vampire population. Although the vampires try hard to prevent overpopulation since their food source, humans, would be depleted, there is a… Continue reading Dark Wine at Midnight by Jenna Barwin

Fantasy, Review, Science Fiction

Traveller Inceptio by Rob Shackleford

This is a very long book and I was surprised by my willingness to stay with it. Of course, this means it is a very good story. Although they are somewhat entwined, there are three threads woven through this futuristic tale. Here futuristic doesn't mean an earth beyond recognition, but it does mean time travel.… Continue reading Traveller Inceptio by Rob Shackleford