Action, Adventure, Review

The Last Storm by Jack Hunt

Alex Riley is a newly hired police officer who arrives in Whittier, Alaska, during the worst storm anyone has ever seen. His wife, Jess, and daughter, Hayley, are also relocated with Alex. With the temperature rapidly dropping, they quickly move some of their belongings into Begich Towers, a huge fourteen-story high-rise. They are just in… Continue reading The Last Storm by Jack Hunt

Comedy, Romance

Confessions of a Chatterbox by Abigail Davies

Finding a romantic comedy that maintains the laughs all the way through is not as easy as one would think. But this book did just that. Instead of turning into something heavy and strictly romance around the fifty percent mark, it keeps true to a tricky genre and proves to be a wonderful surprise. The… Continue reading Confessions of a Chatterbox by Abigail Davies

Mystery, Young Adult

Nothing to Lose by Alex Flinn

Did you ever dream about joining the circus and running away when you were a kid? Did the thought of never-ending popcorn and cotton candy thrill you? What if it was more than a simple desire to escape chores and cleaning your room? For Matthew, that decision has a much darker motivation than riding the… Continue reading Nothing to Lose by Alex Flinn

Fantasy, Suspense

The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

This is the story of Owen Kiskaddon, the youngest child of the Duke of Kiskaddon. During the last battle the Duke had participated in with his king, he had committed treason by not coming to his King’s assistance as ordered. Because of this his oldest son is executed and his youngest son is sent to… Continue reading The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frames

Sometimes a fluffy romance that does not require a whole lot of deep thinking can be just what the doctor ordered. While this book fills that description with a somewhat predictable storyline and a few side characters that fit in the typical romance box, it is surprisingly entertaining and a thoroughly enjoyable and quick read.… Continue reading Imperfect Chemistry by Mary Frames

Fantasy, Young Adult

Fire and Ice by Jessica Victoria Fisette

This is the story of Allie, a silver-eyed high school senior, who is in love with Phoenix. Silver-eyed Phoenix is just as in love with her, and has asked her to marry him. Having no concerns about the future, she accepts his proposal. Not only are they crazy in love, they are both able to… Continue reading Fire and Ice by Jessica Victoria Fisette


Ice Blue by Emma Jameson

Anthony Hetheridge, ninth baron of Wellegrave and Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard, thinks DS Kate Wakefield is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. When her superior, Superintendent Jackson, drunkenly approaches her in a bar one night, it marks the beginning of an ugly situation between the two, and it is only the… Continue reading Ice Blue by Emma Jameson

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk

Rustkiller by Dean F. Wilson

Well, this is different. The Coilhunter, also known as Nox, is a bounty hunter, who lives and hunts in the Wild North. There is the wastelands, an empty stretch of land, or Rust Valley, where the sun is blotted out by towering scrapyard walls built of wrecked vehicles. Inside these walls live the clockwork constructs… Continue reading Rustkiller by Dean F. Wilson

Contemporary, Romance

One Man’s Opus – A Survival & Preparedness Story by Boyd Craven III

This book is written in first-person, which usually means it takes me a while to get into it, but my interest was caught immediately. The writing is so smooth it is easy to feel like you are wrapped up in Rick Carpenter’s thoughts, which, of course, you are, but this story did an excellent job… Continue reading One Man’s Opus – A Survival & Preparedness Story by Boyd Craven III