Suspense, Thriller

The Stonefly by Scott J. Holliday

At 12 years of age Jacob Duke was sentenced to spend his childhood in Dover Psychiatric, not because he needed to be there, but because he was cursed. He didn't understand why he had been interested in committing murder, but he witnessed a classmate tell a boy she wished he were dead. Suddenly, Jacob felt… Continue reading The Stonefly by Scott J. Holliday

Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

Punishment by Scott J Holliday

John Barnes is a homicide detective who has the luck of living in an era of technology involving 'the machine'. When it comes to murder, the police rush the machine to the scene. There they attach the victim to the machine where their last thoughts and sights are captured. Often the murderer is brought to… Continue reading Punishment by Scott J Holliday